Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO?

By definition SEO means effectively optimising any website so that it appears in search engine unpaid results for certain keywords. 

What do we do?

We spend our time learning everything about each campaign we work on, as to get real SEO results you have to be authority in your field.

We categorise each SEO campaign in four main steps. 

Learning product and Keyword research

Spending some time learning about the product/website is essential as we have to be an authority in our field if we wish to get any sort of SEO results. If you search for any product or service in search engines, you can see top 10 results will mostly be the most authoritative websites.

After we have learnt about the product, we will continue to research keywords. Finding relevant keywords is probably the most important part of any SEO campaign. We use various tools and check competitors to find out the most relevant keywords. 

One page optimisation

Next step is to restructure (if required) the website so search engines can better understand the website. Meta tags, content on all pages, navigation, URL structures, mobile optimisation, SSL, content strategy etc. all are part of on page optimisation. 

Off page optimisation

One of the most important part of any campaign is to get relevant links from other websites. We normally use content promotion techniques to get backlinks from related websites. 

Social media

Social media should be part of any SEO campaign now since google has started rolling tweets in their search results as well. Besides social media is the best place to create new business connections to promote your content. 

SEO Case Studies

We have worked on hundreds of SEO campaigns. Here are some SEO case studies, we would like to share with our visitors.

Project: Eboxzone

First ever project we did back in 2006. Eboxzone was a forum related to movies. The purpose of the project was to implement the strategies we had learnt to our own project before offering our SEO services to any client. There was no financial motive for the project.

Project Started: Feb 2006

What we did? At the time directory submissions, blog commenting, and mainly link exchanges. Link exchange worked really well at that time and if you look at it, it was sort of social media of that time.

What we achieved? Over 3000 visitors per day within 6 months and over 1 million visitors from Feb 2006 till Sep 2007.


eboxzone analytics report

Full PDF report


Assigned to us by an agency, the-titanic website is about the history of titanic and Ireland.

Project Handed over: Dec 2010

Starting traffic when handed over: Approx. 100 per day

What we did? Some directory submissions (Only major directories), Web 2.0 links, Blog guest posts, link exchanges, backlinks from related websites, content promotion and some social media.

What we achieved? 1000 per day within 4 months, highest traffic of 496k in one month and total traffic of 1.6 million from Dec 2010 till Nov 2012.


the-titanic analytics report

Full PDF report

Project: &

Both websites started under iKozmik limited as company projects selling canvas prints online.

Project Started: Nov 2012 ( Apr 2013 (

What we did? Mainly Web2.0 links, guest posting and content promotion, backlinks from related blogs, product reviews from bloggers.

What we achieved? 300 per day targeted traffic within 6 months generating revenue of about £25k per month. Total 126k visitors from Nov 2012 to Mar 2014.


canvas analytics report

Full PDF report

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