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Founded in 2009 iKozmik.com is rich with experience in making the most of your online presence; thanks to a bunch of the best talented technology experts at our disposal.

Our step by step approach to build and improve your productivity; one that results in profitability:

A one-on-one meet up to help you identify key objectives that will further improve efficiency and performance of your firm.

A well planned strategy which takes into account where your organization is currently positioned in order to provide a clear and measurable path to a more desired and more profitable position in the near future.

To build highly customized technology based solutions that will execute the business strategy that helps deliver a more profitable future position.

Well defined processes that will blend your people and your tools which in turn will enable your firm achieve its targeted business strategy and goals.

Produce key performance measures to track progress.


  • Our business practice is based on respect, commitment, integrity and approach.
  • An approach that puts emphasize on your business first.
  • Our feature based flexible pricing and benefits.
  • Customized solutions based approach that is solely targeted on your profit improvements.
  • Guaranteed zero risk on our solutions and confidentiality assured.
  • Solutions that deliver results par excellence.
  • Proven and strong reputation.
  • We add value to our clients by deploying a wealth of our very best team of professionals.
  • 24/7 Onshore and offshore solutions.


Our mission is to become our clients first choice for innovative on-demand Call Centre Solutions that aligns with their strategic business objectives.

To establish long term partnerships with our clients, optimum delivery with zero supervision.

To provide top notch solutions that best suit our client needs, requirements; one that matches client organization.

To improve efficiency and optimize client productivity.

To provide guaranteed results for our clients through our solutions.


We pride ourselves in providing highly customized solutions that are aimed at our clients efficiency.

Our vision is to become the preferred solutions partner of choice for our clients in the call centre fraternity.

We seek to align our services with your strategic business objectives to give you the best returns in all of the fraternity.

Creating lasting value for our clients.

Taking your business to new heights.


  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Transparency

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