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Our company takes a great pride in the fact that we treat our customers at first priority. We believe that like other companies, our company too, cannot exist if it wasn’t for the love and support of our customers. We make sure that all our clients’ needs are met with effectively and efficiently. You need to remember in today’s era, clients seek for ample information so it is crucial to have a 24/7 customer service to make sure your customers’ queries are me with

An ideal business model with maximum business credibility is one that gives its customers crystal clear information, as they want it and when they want it. Your business credibility is highly reliant on the answering services you provide to your customers via call center customer support. A fast and efficient call center ensures that your business will have no confused clients. Customers are known to invest more readily in businesses that have a strong communication with them and there are no barriers to reaching out to the organization’s representatives.

iKozmik brings efficient, organized and well managed customer support services to give out your message to your customers directly and give customers prompt access your business. iKozmik helps you to triple the number of customer interaction and double the count of your conversion rate through customer support services. We make sure this is carried out by following professional ethics and creating unique, but well-tailored call center services for all industries. We make sure that all our clients’ needs are met with effectively and efficiently.

One satisfied customer who is well-connected to the company via the call center can be in several more customers.

This means that if your clients have established good communication with your company, they are bound to refer you when the need arises amongst their peers. To induct more customers, it is imperative to keep old ones happy. It is one of the most effective business tools.

If you feel that you have an amazing business model with a perfect business setup, then there is a pretty huge chance that you do not have the right connectivity to the right kinds of clients. A lack of answering communication with clients can cause even the best of businesses to go dead. Save your businesses today – Let iKozmik be your guide for one of the best customer care call centers in the world.

Customer Support

Complete support services are needed by a business to maintain loyalty, customer engagement and to retain existing customers. iKozmik‘s inbound call center agents hold excellent track record and expertise in keeping our customer happy. We’ve hired only the best of those who hold expertise in the field to provide you with nothing less than what is the best.

A continual customer support is not only functional as an answering service to take the clients calls and queries but also helps to streamline the day-to-day progress of the company. This helps maintain good revenue by keeping in view what is most demanded by the customer. Supply and demand can be kept in close check with customer sales by using the call center software. This synchronizes the process of managing, tracking and routine incoming calls.

Phone Help Desk

Calling is one of the most effective and immediate form of action that has taken over emailing and text messaging in the business world. Answering calls is another one of the newly emerged customer care services that needs to be taken care of when setting up a business. For this purpose, a centralized help desk service is established to handle new customers and support existing on phone by increasing customer acquisition.

A phone help desk is not only just about hiring telephone operators but is a complex process that involves training, educating and acclimatization of the call center agents.

Through a phone help desk, owners of the business can extract crucial information that helps them track, monitor and route phone calls to the right sorts of clients to ensure maximum engagement.

When a new customer tries to reach out to you, the first thing that they do is contact you via phone, which usually is the help desk and if that is not the case for your company, then allow us to help you through. iKozmik provides you with the phone help desk that you need to keep your business running in full gear.

Phone Order Taking (Inbound Sales)

Taking orders over the phone is another trend of the newly emerging business intelligence phase, where clients now feel that human interaction makes them feel secure. Professional phone order taking services are carried out to handle customers and their orders in vulnerable situations. This may be queries or help or problems related to their order. Taking care as to not losing the customer is indeed an art that inbound sales team carries out efficiently. This prevents any customer from getting angry of disappointed of the company. The inbound sales team has the immense power to drive sales almost instantly.

This happens to be one of the greatest perks of having a customer answering system. Managers can handle the pre-sales queries of the clients and also learn about the preferences of the clients. The gaps and errors can be filled and fixed as per the needs of the customers that is made known vie the sales team. Transaction history, warranties, order status and credits, all can be managed well by the inbound sales team. Let us know and at iKozmik, you will be provided with the team

Technical Support

iKozmik provides businesses with technical support to be answering its customers technical queries that cannot be managed by the help desk or sales team. This is why the technical team will hold expertise not only in taking calls professionally but also having a good know-how of your products and their technical details.

Customers tend to have problems in figuring out things when it comes to the technicality of certain things. This is why it is preferable to have an in-house team of technical support people who can provide the services to the clients. Many products are deemed to have bad reviews even when they have really good functionality. This owes to the fact that these products have a difficult technical side to them, which customers cannot understand. What makes it worse is the lack of a technical support team, this makes them feel frustrated and they leave bad reviews about the product and the company. This is why it is crucial to have a technical support department to your business.

If you’re looking for technical support agents to help your customers in technical issues over the phone or live chat, then let us know- iKozmik will provide you what you need to make sure that your business needs are met.

Welcome & Feedback Calling

It should be the number one aim of all businesses to make their customers feel at home before they proceed to carry out business with them. This is why it is vital for businesses to have a customized welcome calls for new customer. This should be a heart-warming message that will make the customer get a positive vibe about the business. Ensure that the customer does not have to wait too long to be connected with a customer care representative.

Moreover, feedback calls are also made to ensure the product bought by them is actually what they asked for.

This not only reduces the chance of a human error but makes the customer feel secure about their order after they receive a call from the company they’ve just ordered from. – iKozmik offers both these services to its clients with maximum customer satisfaction.

Best-in-Class Contact Services

  • 47% growth in sales conversion
  • 53% rise in customer retention
  • 90% service level
  • Highest occupancy rate
  • Reduced abandonment rate

Call center best practices

  • Assigned duties to handle call volume
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Live monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Call Recording for training purposes

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