Business Answering Service

iKozmik brings real time phone answering services with shortest average speed of answer to win & keep customers satisfied. Our phone answering services are designed to support Off-line, Mobile and On-line Businesses across the globe within almost every kind of industry. Winning new customers with satisfactory experience in this battleground market is tough, but not with iKozmik; we give our brand specialist reps freedom to treat customers in their way for better interaction and making sales.

24/7 Live Phone Answering

Real time phone answering services to engage customers on most personal level with professional touch to qualify more leads.

After Hours Answering

After hours phone answering services with technical support and message taking just to show you are open 24/7.

Overflow Call Handling

When call volume spikes, we are ready to take your overflow calls in fluctuating conditions to assist customers on your behalf.

Business Hours Answering

Fast and organized phone answering services during business hours to make sales by forging real company representatives.

Virtual Receptionist

VA’s for scheduling your meetings, making follow ups, reminder calls, answering calls, booking and handling desk work.

Urgent Call Handling

Increase customers experience by offering them solutions to their problems on urgent basis across every touch point.

Phone Answering to Help & Support

  • 24/7 phone answering
  • Call transferring to right person/dept.
  • Preorder/post order support
  • Overflow/call spikes handling
  • Emergency call handling

Complete Contact Center Solutions

  • Brand tailored phone answering
  • Toll free number
  • Local phone number to answer
  • Multichannel answering
  • Single point of contact for brands

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