Business Answering Service

An effective communication is critical for any enterprise or business to be successful. A well designed and executed business always makes sure that this need of a smooth communication with the client is taken care of. It is impossible to be able to establish a business model that does not prioritize its business answering system and yet expects their business to be successful. A client that cannot reach you, is probably no more your client.

For a business to be successful, it is vital that they are answering to their customer’s queries and frequently asked questions. A well designed business answering service makes sure that your customers are replied to in the least possible time with the most information that is required by them.

iKozmik brings real time phone answering services with shortest average speed of answer to win & keep customers satisfied. Our phone answering services are designed to support Off-line, Mobile and On-line Businesses across the globe within almost every kind of industry. Winning new customers with satisfactory experience in this battleground market is tough, but not with iKozmik as we give our brand specialist reps freedom to treat customers in their way for better interaction and making sales.

The one-on-one connection that is built with your reps is in fact not a connection with one certain person but in reality links client with the entire company via that one representative.

24/7 Live Phone Answering

Sometimes customers are stuck in a dilemma that needs to be sorted right away. It is then crucial to have them an easy access to a live phone that is answering the calls of the client’s 24/7.This makes the client feel secure that they can reach out to us whenever they need any help. Having a live phone answering system is known to increase sales of products in the long run.

Many products are bought by people but when they tend to have a problem with those they have no helpline where they can reach out with their queries. This live answering makes it possible for customers to gain a trust in the products along with the enterprise in general.

iKozmik brings to you real time phone answering services to engage customers on most personal level with professional touch to qualify more leads. We make sure that your clients’ needs are met with, whether its day or night!

After Hours Answering

Most businesses fail to understand the importance of being in touch with you clients after business hours. The basic aim is to adjust the psychology of the client in such a way that assures them that they can reach to your business at any point of time. The idea behind it is that the client can call the organization whenever they want, without any stress of taking out time from their busy routines to call. Remember, your customers always come first! Make sure that they are facilitated with every advent along the way to making a successful enterprise or maintaining it.

Imagine if you are a customer who has come back from a long shirt at work and suddenly a question pops up in your head about your product. You proceed pick up the phone to call the company which had delivered the product and what you hear on the other line makes your blood boil. Call them after business hours? You are busy in the business hours yourself! You rather not use the product at all and you make a mental note not to buy from this company ever again.

That is how you lose customers!

iKozmik provides your enterprise with after-hours phone answering services with technical support and message taking just to show you are open 24/7 to help your clients.

Through a phone help desk, owners of the business can extract crucial information that helps them track, monitor and route phone calls to the right sorts of clients to ensure maximum engagement.

When a new customer tries to reach out to you, the first thing that they do is contact you via phone, which usually is the help desk and if that is not the case for your company, then allow us to help you through. iKozmik provides you with the phone help desk that you need to keep your business running in full gear.

Overflow Call Handling

When it’s the time of the year or the month when customers pour in, it is quite hard to manage the overflow of the call handling. It becomes almost impossible to provide ample information to client over the phone so the operators are resorted to answering in short ways which make the customers doubt the quality of the service.

It is at this time that dealing well with no hurried approach gives out the maximum conversion of potential clients turning into leads that will result in profits for the company

This is why iKozmik offers you a solution to make sure that the high volume of calls does not affect the quality of your customer service. Remember, when call volume spikes, we are ready to take your overflow calls in fluctuating conditions to assist customers on your behalf.

This happens to be one of the greatest perks of having a customer answering system. Managers can handle the pre-sales queries of the clients and also learn about the preferences of the clients. The gaps and errors can be filled and fixed as per the needs of the customers that is made known vie the sales team. Transaction history, warranties, order status and credits, all can be managed well by the inbound sales team. Let us know and at iKozmik, you will be provided with the team

Business Hours Answering

It is true that the employees who work in an organization have so much on their plate already that it is almost impossible for them to be able to take all calls from all their clients and be able to transfer them to the respective department unless it is a call-center that we speak of. This is why it is usually considered near to impossible for employees to be catering to all the need of all the clients.

This is why organizations now outsource people to make sure that their clients are being handled well. However, the customers tend not to believe the people who are outsourced as they fear the involvement of a third party might mean a scam.

This is why iKozmik offers you a fast and organized phone answering services during business hours to make sales by forging real company representatives. This forging allows the customer to develop a sense of trust and security in your company.

If you’re looking for technical support agents to help your customers in technical issues over the phone or live chat, then let us know- iKozmik will provide you what you need to make sure that your business needs are met.

Virtual Receptionist

We are living in a virtual world. It is hard to always assign a human person to deal with the same tasks on a daily basis. Moreover, these is always an impending fear of a human error. This is why it is now trending for businesses to employee virtual receptionists and re-position the human receptionist to a better and productive designation.

A virtual receptionist keeps a check and balance of all the companies’ daily tasks along with maintaining a log of your private and business schedule, making sure they do not clash! Virtual receptionist offered by iKozmik maintains a schedule for your meetings makes follow ups, reminder calls, answers calls, along with booking and handling desk work. Keeping a virtual receptionist makes sure that there are zero human errors and the best part is your virtual receptionist is like an elephant. It never forgets!

Urgent Call Handling

Let’s face it, customers are impatient creatures and they need their work to be done when they want, as they want and we have to respect that. Always keep a mental note in your head that your customer is the reason your business is there in the first place. That will make you realize that whatever your customer feels is right, may not always be right in reality but nevertheless you have to pretend they’re right. This will not only increase your conversion but also make sure that you are known as being considerate in the industry.

Customers need an urgent calling option for solving issues that may, or may not be very urgent. No matter what the case, the feeling of having an ‘urgent’ hotline makes the customer feel that they are in safe hands. When a company offers their clients an urgent basis solution to their problems, they not only feel prioritized but also feel privileged.

iKozmik offers to provide you the service of handling the calls of your customers on an urgent basis .This will increase customers experience by offering them solutions to their problems on urgent basis across every touch point.

Phone Answering to Help & Support

  • 24/7 phone answering
  • Call transferring to right person/dept.
  • Preorder/post order support
  • Overflow/call spikes handling
  • Emergency call handling

Complete Contact Center Solutions

  • Brand tailored phone answering
  • Toll free number
  • Local phone number to answer
  • Multichannel answering
  • Single point of contact for brands

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